Types of accommodations at Progress Surf Moliets Plage

  • Large tent
  • Small tent
  • Caravan
  • BYO (bring your own)

All accommodation rates can be found at the Prices page.

Large tent

Our large tents are very solid, clean and offer a spacious accommodation for a maximum of 4 persons. The tent consists of three compartments: two sleeping compartments, each suiting 2 people and a general compartment for all your luggage/personal belongings.

Our guests can book this tent by shared or private booking. By shared booking you book one or more places in a tent, witch you might share with other guests. With a private booking you have a large bungalow tent for 2 to 4 guests for yourself.

If desired, we offer you one or more beds for an small extra fee.

Small tent

The small tent offers accommodation for a maximum of 2 people. It has two compartments: one sleeping compartment for 2 people and one general compartment for your luggage/personal belongings.

You can book the tent by shared or private booking. A shared booking means that you book one or more places in a tent. Guest might share these tents. A private booking means that you book a small bungalow tent for 1 or 2 people. No other guests will be booked in the same tents.

If desired, our guest can book a bed for a small extra fee.



This year we have a caravan for the ones seeking extra comfort! It has a bed, electricity and a small fridge. And you can book the caravan for 2 people.


BYO (bring your own)

If you have your own accommodation (tent, camper, etc.), you can book a spot to stay at the Progress campsite.


Choose your holiday accommodation preference on our information and booking page. And let the waves take you on a journey.