Healthy Fresh Food & Surfing

The Progress kitchen crew is there to make you healthy, tasty and varied food, every day. Because our cook uses fresh ingredients to cook the best meals we keep our body’s healthy.

There are different food packages that you can choose from:

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Breakfast only
  • Dinner only

Every morning you can have breakfast with: baguettes, (french) cheese, ham, salami, eggs,  yoghurt, cereal, fresh fruits, juices and so on and so forth. We prepare a warm meal in the evenings. Food preferences like vegetarianism, allergies, gluten etc. will be taken into account.

This does not include Lunch, but you can order a small lunch. One can order ‘beach buns’ after breakfast, half baguettes with any toppings you like. Freshly made and delivered to the beach.

At the booking form you can choose whichever composition you want. Take this into account if you want to go out for dinner (a couple of times) during your stay.