Camp and location


Our camp is located at the campsite “Camping Landes les Cigales”, right next to the beach! Just outside the camping you’ll find all the facilities you need: shops, restaurants, bars … Moliets has it all.

Adress of the campsite: 2290 Avenue de l’Océan, 40660 Moliets-Plage, France

The Region, village and our Surf camp

Progress is located in the region Les Landes in the South West of France at the Atlantic Coast. The long sandy beaches of Les Landes with every few hundred meters a good sandbank is a surfing dream! Combine this with super beautiful nature, green pinetree forests just behind the dunes, hot sunny weather all summer, fun parties and an international audience of surfers from all over the world and you get the little surfers paradise called Moliets Plage.

Because of it’s surfy vibe campsite where Progress is located it has an super laidback atmospher. You can totally relax here.  In the village their is a lot to experience. So there are nightclubs, bars, restaurants and most shops and surf shops are open untill late in the evening during summer. Also there’s a weekly market on Friday until midnight and there’s a supermarket. Everything is within walking distance from our campsite.

There’s the possibility to rent a locker at the reception. We’ve got Wi-Fi available on our camping if you have a credit card. In the village there are also a lot of bars with Wi-Fi. In the village there are ATMs.

Moliets Plage is close to the Spanish border, so we go to San Sebastian every week to eat Pintxos (Basque tapas) and literally taste culture. We are close to major cities such as Bordeaux, Bayonne, Dax and Biarritz you can easily travel by train, bus or plane to come to our camp. For our guest we arrange a picked up at one of those places. The nearest cities to pick you up are Dax and Bayonne. If you want more information about the travel options after you’ve read the information we provide below, you can always send us an email or call us.


Bus travel options:

Departs from most major European cities towards all the nearest cities around our camp.

This one has a little less options than Flixbus but travels to Dax, Bayonne, Biarritz and Bordeaux. Depending on your departure location.

For Belgium guests there is a bus from Brussels to Bordeaux.

For our Dutch and Belgian guests there is the option to travel directly to our camp by bus.
For more information about this option contact us by mail.
Departures from: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda, Den Bosch, Antwerpen and Gentbrugge.

It’s possible to take your own surfboard with you, for an additional charge.

Flight options:

By plane it’s possible to come when flying to Bordeaux or Biarritz. Biarritz is a bit closer.

Train options:

Travel to Dax or Bayonne which are the closest stations to our surf camp.

Carpool options:

Share a ride! This is good for the environment.

 How to travel to Progress Surfcamp Moliets France


Types of accommodations at Progress Surf Moliets Plage

  • Large tent
  • Small tent
  • Caravan
  • BYO (bring your own)

All accommodation rates can be found at the Prices page.

Large tent

Our large tents are very solid, clean and offer a spacious accommodation for a maximum of 4 persons. The tent consists of three compartments: two sleeping compartments, each suiting 2 people and a general compartment for all your luggage/personal belongings.

Our guests can book this tent by shared or private booking. By shared booking you book one or more places in a tent, witch you might share with other guests. With a private booking you have a large bungalow tent for 2 to 4 guests for yourself.

If desired, we offer you one or more beds for an small extra fee.

Small tent

The small tent offers accommodation for a maximum of 2 people. It has two compartments: one sleeping compartment for 2 people and one general compartment for your luggage/personal belongings.

You can book the tent by shared or private booking. A shared booking means that you book one or more places in a tent. Guest might share these tents. A private booking means that you book a small bungalow tent for 1 or 2 people. No other guests will be booked in the same tents.

If desired, our guest can book a bed for a small extra fee.



This year we have a caravan for the ones seeking extra comfort! It has a bed, electricity and a small fridge. And you can book the caravan for 2 people.


BYO (bring your own)

If you have your own accommodation (tent, camper, etc.), you can book a spot to stay at the Progress campsite.


Choose your holiday accommodation preference on our information and booking page. And let the waves take you on a journey.


Surf lessons
At Progress Surcamps we offer surf lessons for all surfing levels.
We make sure that you progress in a secure environment, by certified instructors, according to international guidelines.
We offer lesson packages and individual lessons. These are the lesson packages:
  • 3 hours (€55/week): 3 lessons in a week is provided
  • 6 hours (€89/week): 5 lessons of 1 hour and 1 theory lesson is provided
When you don’t stay for a standard week (sat-sat) different lessons can be booked. But a group of at least 4 people can book this in advance. Smaller lessons are scheduled on-site.
Yoga lessons
There will be a yoga teacher at the camp the whole season. Lessons will be provided depending on the schedule, weather etc.
Other lessons
On-site there may be other lessons, like boxing, longboard, juggling, slackline etc. These lessons are usually free of charge and depending on the animo.

Material and equipment

First of all, all necessary surf equipment is widely available at the camp. This includes surfboards in a variety of sizes and styles and wetsuits in different sizes that are good for French summer conditions.

At the camp also a lot of  other facilities are present, to make you have the best stay you can possibly have. Among these facilities are:

  • Miniramp
  • Trampoline
  • Indo boards
  • Slackline
  • Hammocks
  • Pool table
  • Table tennis
  • Fitness area
  • Surf bar
  • Skateboards
  • Longboards
  • Bodyboards

Choose your holiday accommodation on our information and booking page here. And let the waves take you on a journey.

Healthy Fresh Food & Surfing

The Progress kitchen crew is there to make you healthy, tasty and varied food, every day. Because our cook uses fresh ingredients to cook the best meals we keep our body’s healthy.

There are different food packages that you can choose from:

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Breakfast only
  • Dinner only

Every morning you can have breakfast with: baguettes, (french) cheese, ham, salami, eggs,  yoghurt, cereal, fresh fruits, juices and so on and so forth. We prepare a warm meal in the evenings. Food preferences like vegetarianism, allergies, gluten etc. will be taken into account.

This does not include Lunch, but you can order a small lunch. One can order ‘beach buns’ after breakfast, half baguettes with any toppings you like. Freshly made and delivered to the beach.

At the booking form you can choose whichever composition you want. Take this into account if you want to go out for dinner (a couple of times) during your stay.